Skin Conditions

Skin Conditions

The range of skin conditions that you may be suffering from is very large.  They can range from relatively minor problems, such as a toe nail infection, to life affecting conditions such as psoriasis or eczema which can be both painful and disfiguring, and which can in turn affect confidence and impact on your quality of life.

The type of symptoms that you are experiencing will depend on the root cause of your skin infection.

Fungal infections tend to cause dry, flaky and itchy skin which will often crack and lead to soreness.  They can also cause “blotchy” patches of dry skin.  Some fungal infections lead to “wet” or “moist” skin, particularly between your toes eg athletes foot.

Viral infections will usually lead to spotty skin which can include boils and cystic spots.  Small lumps or bumps just under the skin are also common as well as red skin blotches.

Such pathogenic activity can be influenced by external factors.  You may well have noticed that your symptoms flare up if you are feeling stressed, for example.  By removing the pathogens which are the underlying cause then your body will be able to recover (though permanent damage to cells may already have been caused).

Typical causal pathogens: Trichophytons, Candidas, Microsporons, Trichosporons, Mycoplasmas