ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia

ME/CFS/PVS/CFIDS and Fibromyalgia

You will find below information on how we treat the debilitating conditions that come under the umbrella labels of ME, CFS, PVFS, CFIDS and FMS.   If you are suffering with an illness or condition outside of those listed please feel free to contact me for more information.

  • Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome (PVFS)
  • Myalgic Encephalopathy / Myalgic Encephamyelitis (ME)
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
  • Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS)
  • Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS)

If you have any of the conditions named above, you have probably been given lots of confusing information or very little information.  Having to ‘live with’ or ‘manage’ your ill health can be hugely difficult and impact on every area of your life.  So, you may have begun to research your condition yourself and perhaps tried lots of different treatment practices.  The information contained on this page is aimed at informing you of our methodology whilst treating ME, CFS, PVFS, CFIDS or FMS, and perhaps most importantly, what we think is causing these genuine and serious conditions.

Typically classified as disorders which present a variety of fluctuating symptoms, it can be difficult to know which way to turn. It can be difficult for your friends and family to imagine the enormous impact the symptoms have on your life.  A common and pervading feeling is that no one understands what it feels like to be ill everyday with an ‘invisible illness’, while others’ lives seem to continue. It is true – they don’t know what it is like unless they have suffered from it or something similar before.  Whether you are suffering from deeply debilitating symptoms that keep you house bound, or a constant fatigue that just won’t go away, your immune system is struggling.  It has likely been struggling for some time.  But your body has been able to ‘cope’ until that last trigger (virus, vaccinations, operation, having a baby, excessive stress, or grief etc).

Most pathogens aim to keep their host alive.  Causing damage, yes, but not killing them.  Unfortunately, the more pathogens that live inside your body, the more work your body has to do to sustain your life and this can allow an ever-growing load to build up.  A load which your body becomes increasingly unable to carry.  We are used to placing huge pressures on ourselves: stress, over-work, exercise, poor eating, little relaxation and sometimes, toxic overload. Unfortunately, some people have the added weaknesses of inheriting a poor immune system or remnant pathogens/toxins from their forefathers.  Whatever the reasons are that your body got to this place, it is likely that it took a while for you to get here.  That is why it is so very difficult to ‘shrug’ it off quickly with some down time, healthier habits or complimentary treatments.

Without sufficient tests that are advanced enough to pick up these pathogens, and without sufficient mainstream understanding of the conditions on this page, it is little wonder that many people make their condition worse in the early stages of pathogenic and whole health overload, by needing to/trying to carry on.

We identify the causal pathogens of chronic conditions such as these.  We are well aware that people with ME, CFS, PVFS, CFIDS and FMS have a fairly large number of pathogens at play, causing the fluctuating and broad spectrum of symptoms sufferers have to contend with.  Have you ever wondered why your symptoms flare up when you are run down or have caught yet another ‘bug that won’t go away’?  Have you ever wondered why your symptoms flare up when you are more stressed?  Under pressure the immune system cannot cope with the great burdens of invading pathogens or the drain of stress.  It does not have an endless number of soldiers to deploy and so it simply prioritises what is the greatest threat to your ultimate survival.   This gives existing pathogens the opportunity to ‘rear their ugly heads’.   It is sad that so many people in this situation are told by others that it is stress that causes these conditions.  Therefore, putting yet more pressure on that person.

With so much pathogenic disease causing symptoms and more pathogens ‘getting in and nesting’ the body becomes severely out of balance and dysfunctions in a variety of ways.  Often the central nervous system becomes particularly compromised.

In discussion with you, we identify your most troublesome symptoms.  We look initially for pathogens which have a large impact on the immune system. By weakening those first, we are able to have the greatest impact on restoring your body’s ability to function.  Gradually, when we are making headway, we then  ‘unload’ your immune system by hunting for further pathogens which are causing the spectrum of symptoms you may have.

Typical causal pathogens:  Malaria, Hepatitis, Coxsackie, Meningitis, Glandular Fever, Poliomyelitis, Haemophilus Influenza, Dengue Fever, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Luesinum, Medorrinum.