Many people who have a chronic health condition have tried for years to find a way to better health. Mainstream medicine is often unable to help and can make you feel as if you have made it up or it is all “in your head”. We know that your problems are real and we can help you. We identify the root cause of the problem and eliminate it.

Chronic health conditions occur when your immune system is unable to recognise the cause or is unable to deal it. We identify the pathogens (viruses, bacteria etc) which are causing your symptoms and eliminate them so that they can no longer cause the symptoms which may have been part of your life for many years. Most chronic health conditions are caused by several pathogens ie not just one.

We can offer you in-person treatment near Cambridge, England. We identify the pathogens which underly your chronic health condition and you leave with remedies (drops taken daily in water) to eliminate the pathogens.

Most people prefer to be treated remotely, in their home. Using remote energy healing, similar to that used in Reiki, we can identify and clear your pathogens no matter where you are in the World.

This website provides information about common chronic conditions and what pathogens are likely to be causing them. The “book now” page enables you to book a clearing package, a chat or our monthly clearings. All packages provide a symptom questionnaire for your to complete and a consultation for us to understand your issues. We then test to find which pathogens are causing your symptoms and clear them.

Sue McMeekin

Lives near Cambridge in England. Offers in-person appointments as well as remote clearings anywhere in the world

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We identify and eliminate the causes of your chronic condition – helping you on your journey to better health