Joint & Spinal Issues

Joint and Spinal Conditions

Joint and spinal conditions are often the result of physical injury and wear and tear of the body. This physicaI damage cannot be reversed by removing pathogens. However, the swelling, pain and inflammation can be worsened if there are pathogens at play. Other joint and spinal issues may not be the result of a physical deterioration – there are many pathogens which cause pain and swelling.

The nerve pain that sufferers are plagued with is often the result of inflammation of the muscles and joints. The inflammation presses on nerves and pushes bones out of place.  If a practitioner, such as an osteopath or chiropractor, improves your symptoms by physically manipulating the bones back into place then the benefit may well be short-lived.  The reason why your bones may have been pushed out may recur when inflammation flares up once more. We look for pathogens which are located in the joint regions and weaken and eliminate them.  No more pathogens means no more pathogenic inflammation.

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Typical causal pathogens: Osteomyelitis, Polio, Poliomyelitis, Dengue Fever, Luesinum, Medorrinum.